6 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Employee Retention Strategy

Six ways technology can revolutionize your employee retention

Key Points on Supporting Your Employee Retention Strategy with Technology:

  • Employees continue to look for flexibility and work-life balance.  
  • Remote work and the right software can help you make – and keep – your employees happy.

More than 47 million employees quit their job voluntarily in 2021. You can prevent most voluntary turnover by uncovering why your employees want to leave. Once you discover their reason(s) for leaving you can make changes to persuade them to stay.

Employees will continue to look for flexibility and work-life balance.  Technology can make a meaningful difference in your employee retention strategy. The right types of software can help make that happen and keep your talent where you want them – at your company!

Here are six ways you can use technology to enhance your employee retention strategy:

1. Enhance Company Culture with Employee Surveys

It’s important to understand your organization’s culture, and survey software makes it easy! What do your employees like about your company? What do they dislike? Do they feel valued and respected? Are their projects meaningful? Are their workloads manageable? A survey can help you uncover things you didn’t know are going on inside your workplace.

Many survey software programs also stress anonymity, transparency, and reporting. Anonymity lets employees give honest feedback without fear of retribution.

Surveying your employees should be an ongoing process. In fact, frequent feedback can boost employee engagement by up to 16%.

Examples of survey software include 15Five, Officevibe, and Tiny Pulse.

2. Improve Workflow with Project Management Tools

Keeping track of every team member and project is a difficult task.  Project management software can help employees stay organized and collaborate without wasting time.

Pick a project management software that fits your budget and has features that you like. Popular examples include Basecamp, Asana, Monday, and Trello.

3. Boost Job Flexibility by Offering Remote Work

Many employees value the option of remote work and consider it a major factor when reviewing a job offer. 80% of employees would turn down a job where remote work wasn’t possible. Additionally, companies that do support remote work see 25% less employee turnover.

Remote work improves productivity by up to 85%, and it is an easy way to keep employees happy and engaged. Use these tips to get started if you haven’t already:

  • Begin with a pilot period of a week or two. Identify problems and record any drastic changes in productivity (positive or negative).
  • Schedule online check-ins and meetings between team members and managers. The schedule of these meetings will be up to each team but help keep communication channels open.
  • Invest in quality communication tools. Video and messaging software are essential to keeping remote workers connected.

4. Make Communication More Effective with Messaging Software

Ineffective, fragmented communication stresses almost 80% of the workforce and makes employees unhappy.  Quality workplace communication tools beyond email are essential.

Most platforms allow users to message, create group chats, and start video calls. Popular choices include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, among many others.

5. Enhance Employees’ Growth & Development through E-Learning

The leading reason behind voluntary turnover is a lack of career development. E-Learning programs can help employee confidence and organizational morale!

Learning programs might even make your company money. A study by IBM found that the ROI for online learning platforms is $30 in productivity for every $1 spent. 

Learning platforms offer a wide range of courses from experts in diverse fields. Options to look into include LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, or Udemy.

6. Relieve Employee Stress with Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

American businesses lose as much as $300 billion per year from workplace stress. Workplace stress decreases performance and increases voluntary turnover.

Meditation and Mindfulness apps can help your team manage stress. These apps offer plans tailored to employees, but they also have free features! Platforms include Headspace, Calm, The Mindfulness App, and buddhify.

Bonus: Engage Employees with an all-in-one HRIS

Investing in an all-in-one HRIS can be essential to retaining employees. It plays an integral role in the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to payroll and more.

SentricHR can help you boost your employee engagement and improve retention. Schedule a demo to learn more!


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The Sentric Team

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