Attract, Recruit, and Retain Gen Z

Gen Z in the Workplace
This post will define this generation as well provide tips to attract, recruit, and retain Gen Z in the workplace.

Key Points:

  • The four common attributes that Gen Z shares are that they are diversity-focused, digitally intuitive, financially aware, and politically progressive
  • Develop a simple application process that is available on all smart phones when looking to attract and recruit Gen Z
  • Increase the time you need to engage with Gen Z by implementing recruiting software 

By the end of 2022, Generation Z (aka Gen Z or IGen) will make up an estimated  36% of the workforce. As more Gen Z employees enter the workplace in the coming years, their influence on the job market will continue to grow. 

Why is it important for employers to learn how to attract Gen Z employees? Like any younger generation, Gen Z will bring fresh insights and ideas to the workforce. So what is Gen Z really like? This post will define this generation as well provide tips to attract, recruit, and retain Gen Z candidates.

Understanding Generation Z

People who were born in the ‘Gen Z’ era were born between 1997 and 2012. Every generation was raised differently, and the way each generation reacted to their upbringing is unique. Gen Z has experienced certain world events at young ages, been taught specific values, and developed in a particular way.

Core Characteristics of Gen Z


Gen Z is diversity-focused, being that they are likely to be the last generation that is predominantly white. They are the least fazed by differences in gender, race, sex and religion. 

Digital Natives

This generation is often referred to as “Digital Natives,” meaning it’s hard for them to remember a time before technology. Gen Z is constantly learning of and using technology for many of their daily tasks. 

Financially Aware

Using their natural tech-savviness, Gen Z is great at making sustainable and smart purchases. For example, shopping at thrift stores and upcycling cheap finds is a huge trend among Gen Z. Most of this generation is also drawn towards creating their own products rather than purchasing something brand new.

Politically Progressive

The majority of Gen Z is very politically progressive, and they hold their values to a high standard. Gen Z isn’t fazed by diversity, and they significantly value inclusivity and equality. 

What Gen Z looks for in a Job Position

Knowing the few core characteristics of the typical Gen Z person makes it easier to understand what they want in a career. Some of the most important things that Gen Z looks for in a job position include:

  • Work-life balance
  • Salary
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Freedom
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities

How to Attract, Recruit, and Retain Gen Z 

Develop a Simple Application Process

When recruiting employees from Generation Z, make sure you have a hassle-free, user-friendly application process. Using an outdated or complicated candidate experience will likely drive away younger applicants, so be sure to create an application that is easy to view and completed on any mobile device. 

Meet Them Where They Are

The best places to advertise open job opportunities to this younger generation are through online job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and/or Linkedin. Members of Gen Z tend to rely on college resources, like campus job fairs and internships, in order to find new work opportunities. 

Utilize Recruiting Software

Increase the time you need to engage with Gen Z by implementing recruiting software into your key processes. Talent Management in SentricHR has recruiting features that can help you reduce administrative work, decrease time to hire, and streamline your team’s workflows.

Offer Flexible Hours

Gen Z likes the idea of personal freedom. Offering a hybrid schedule is a great way to incentivize the majority of Gen Z, as it will give them the opportunity to utilize their technical skills and feel as though they have freedom throughout their work week. 

Focus on Company Culture

Gen Z will focus on the values of a company. They want to be involved with an organization that is inclusive, diverse, and transparent. Establish equal opportunities for everyone, use inclusive language, and make all sexes, races, and gender identities feel welcome in your workplace. Define your values as a company and make it a priority to be committed and transparent.

Make Employee Mental Health a Priority 

Gen Z holds their values high, but the majority of this generation also faces mental health challenges. Check in on your younger employees and practice having safe and open conversations about mental health throughout your office. 

Present Professional Development Opportunities 

This generation tends to have a very entrepreneurial outlook on life, and they are known to be a competitive and motivated generation. They often look for something that they can create themselves or can work on to improve. Allow your younger employees to meet with and shadow more experienced employees. 


Welcoming a new generation of employees into the workforce can be an adjustment. But, Gen Z will bring an abundance of positivity and hard work into their new roles. SentricHR can help you hire Gen Z in record time—schedule a demo today to learn more.


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The Sentric Team

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