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Looking Ahead in the New Year

By: Mike Petrasek, Customer Success Marketing Manager

Most people get excited for the holidays, but I love year end. I always have.

As a kid, I loved the recaps leading up to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Even if I was far removed from the events, they always made me feel nostalgic about what has already happened and hopeful for the coming year.

Even as I’ve grown older, my love for year-end hasn’t changed, it’s just shifted. Instead of looking back, I’ve found myself more focused on what’s to come.

Professionally, that means scouring the internet for articles focused on 2017 predictions, professional improvement and new research from some of the most trusted experts out there.

To both pay homage to my love of year end and help you usher in the New Year, I’ve pulled 10 of my favorite articles from some of the best writers around.

Happy reading and may you enjoy an even happier New Year!

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  5. What We Can Expect from the EEOC in 2017
  6. A Look Ahead at Mid-Market Research 2016/2017
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  9. Futurist Predicts 5 Trends That Will Change the Way You Work in 2017
  10. What Clark Griswold’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ Teaches Us About the Employee Experience