5 Tools to Help You Take Your HR Processes Paperless This Year

It’s 2019, and it’s time to take your HR department paperless. Here are five tools to help you do it.

Key Points:

  • Most Human Resources departments still rely heavily on paper.
  • Paper is expensive and creates issues (security, lost productivity, low employee engagement, and more).
  • Eliminating paper helps HR professionals play a more strategic role in their business.
  • There are many tools and strategies to help your HR department go entirely paperless.

It’s no secret that HR handles more paper documents than nearly all other departments. Whether it’s forms used for onboarding or documents about benefits and administration, the daily management of paper records is an administrative burden that keeps HR professionals from playing a strategic role in their business. And even as technology gives us tools to automate processes and eliminate paper, the majority of HR departments are still drowning in it.

With emerging technologies transforming every business function, it’s time for the Human Resources department to get on board. Going paperless is the answer and here are five tools to help make it happen.

1. HR Technology Strategy

While creating a strategy for your new HR technology doesn’t necessarily seem like a tool, it’s an excellent place to start. Look at the overall priorities of your business and determine how your current HR processes and systems support your organization’s goals or detract from them. From here, you can align your HR technology search with the overall goals of your business and your day-to-day needs. Keep in mind, Human Resources technology is more than just a tool to improve efficiency – it is a strategic tool that will drive performance in your company.

2. Electronic Signatures

Requesting physical signatures can be time-consuming and creates a potential security risk. Once you’ve found a tool for e-signatures, there’s virtually no reason to create and scan paper documents. There are many stand-alone e-signature platforms available or you can opt for an all-in-one solution that has built-in e-signature capabilities (like SentricHR).

3. Tools for Collaboration

Your email inbox is a source of lost productivity and a potential cybersecurity threat. You can solve both of these issues by adopting a collaboration solution like Slack, Glip, or Microsoft Teams for internal communication. These tools allow employees to collaborate in real-time regardless of physical location. Most even offer the option to share documents, which will help your company avoid potential security issues like Business Email Compromise (BEC) and malware attacks. Sentric uses Slack for most of our internal communication and we have found that it allows us to work together more efficiently. Not only that, but this collaboration software also reduces the need to print paper documents or send emails.

4. Cloud Storage

As we’ve already mentioned, collaboration software makes it easy for employees to work together and share documents. You can take this one step further by adopting a cloud-based document sharing platform like OneDrive, DropBox, or GoogleDrive. Each of these tools has a unique set of features, so we’ll let you figure out which is the best for your business. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find each option allows you to work on documents and share them without making a trip to the printer.

5. An All-In-One HRIS

You can choose to manually parse out the various components of your HR technology stack, but there’s a better option: an all-in-one HRIS.

Many HR departments complicate the process of going paperless by selecting a standalone tool for every one of their critical functions – one software for payroll, another for recruiting, and yet another for time and attendance.

While this will certainly help you go paperless, using a mash-up of tools most likely will not simplify your HR processes to the point that you can unlock the strategic potential of your department.

SentricHR allows your HR department to go paperless with a rich feature set that includes e-signatures and industry-leading tools for document management, alongside a mobile-friendly user interface that employees love to use. Make life easier for you and your employees by keeping all of your core HR functions in one simple, easy-to-use HRIS.

Going paperless isn’t always easy, but with the right combination of tools and strategies, it is 100% achievable. Take your HR processes paperless this year – get in touch for a free demo of SentricHR.

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