Back to School: How to Support Working Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Key Points about juggling work-life balance and childcare concerns:

  • This back to school season, uncertain education and childcare arrangements raise new concerns for parents working remotely. Their personal and professional lives have already blurred, and the reprieve school or daycare usually provides may not come.
  • Flexible accommodations and empathy are key to helping your employees manage a work-life balance even as the back to school season starts.
  • Download our ebookBack to School: How to Support Working Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic to prevent burnout in your workplace.

September always signals the back to school season, but this year it raises a new concern: childcare.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many daycare facilities have closed and schools have adopted a variety of virtual and in-person instruction schedules. These uncertain schooling and childcare arrangements leave many parents working from home to do it all: work, parent, and educate. 

How can you support employees facing this difficult situation? 

Prevent Burnout in the Workplace:
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Download our ebook

With flexible accommodations and policies, you can help your employees achieve a realistic work-life balance to reduce burnout and ensure productivity in their professional and personal lives.

Our ebookgives you a comprehensive look at employee childcare concerns, compliance, and real actions you can take to support your employees.

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