A Seat at the Table: Five Ways HR Can Find a Place Within the C-Suite

From new recruiting practices to innovative programs that increase employee productivity and engagement, the role of HR is increasingly strategic – at least it should be. Key Points: Transactional tasks too often keep HR professionals from playing a more strategic role in their businesses. HR has to embrace technology to support the needs of both…
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Fraud Alert: The Danger Lurking Inside Your Inbox

By: Mike Maggs, President Think that email from your boss actually came from your boss? You might be wrong. These days, most of us are so buried in emails that it has become socially acceptable to ignore them—at least for a little while. Still, most people stand at attention when they get an email from…
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Happy People Better Employees Blog Post
Do Happy Employees Really Make Better Employees?

By Briana Creely, Office Manager The short answer? Absolutely. First, let’s dive into the topic of employee dissatisfaction and disengagement and why it’s such a major issue in today’s workplace. Countless surveys and studies have been done on the topic, and the results show that some of the most common reasons employees would consider themselves…
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Six Weekly Performance Questions to Ask in One-on-Ones

Previously, I wrote about weekly performance questions to ask your teams. This week we cover weekly performance questions for one-on-one meetings. What Are Good Weekly Performance Questions? Every time I ask my kids how school was, the answer is the same, “fine.” So it goes with employees. If you’re trying to get candor from people in…
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