#FutureOfWork: What Business Transformation Means to You and Your Employees

Employees are anxious about business transformation. But do they need to be? Key Points: Automation will redefine traditional business roles. Employees fear losing their jobs to technology. Technology isn’t eliminating jobs, it’s changing them. HR will help employees succeed in the digital era. Ten years ago, McKinsey and Company introduced the phrase “the new normal”…
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A Seat at the Table: Five Ways HR Can Find a Place Within the C-Suite

From new recruiting practices to innovative programs that increase employee productivity and engagement, the role of HR is increasingly strategic – at least it should be. Key Points: Transactional tasks too often keep HR professionals from playing a more strategic role in their businesses. HR has to embrace technology to support the needs of both…
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Attract, Engage, and Retain: 5 Ways HR Can Improve the Employee Onboarding Experience

Impress employees from the start with an efficient and strategic employee onboarding process. Key Points: A new generation of culture-focused workers is putting pressure on HR to transform the onboarding process. Innovative onboarding is a way to engage and retain workers. Five ways to improve the onboarding experience for you and your employees. The rules…
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Fraud Alert: The Danger Lurking Inside Your Inbox

By: Mike Maggs, President Think that email from your boss actually came from your boss? You might be wrong. These days, most of us are so buried in emails that it has become socially acceptable to ignore them—at least for a little while. Still, most people stand at attention when they get an email from…
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Legacy Tools and Systems Create Hardship for Your HR Department and Employees

If your HR department is swimming in paper or you’re using a mash-up of software to manage administrative tasks, it’s time to make a change. Key points: Digital transformation is a shift in technology and company culture. Outdated tools and systems make work challenging for HR professionals. Technology can improve the work experience for both…
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The Evolving Role of HR in the Digital Era

HR Technology: 3 Minute Read A multi-generational workforce and the digital transformation of business are changing the role of HR. Key points: Digital transformation helps companies solve traditional business problems with technology. This transformation gives HR the ability to focus more on employee engagement and culture-building, and less on transactional tasks. Many workplaces today are…
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