employee performance metrics
Employee Performance Metrics: Top 4 for Managers to Track

Measuring employee performance metrics is one of the most important duties of a manager today, especially in high-pressure jobs. …
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Offboarding Featured Image
What is Employee Offboarding? A Comprehensive Guide to Get Started

Offboarding encompasses all the steps taken to end an employee-employer relationship. Check out our full offboarding checklist download. …
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Time Tracking Best Practices
5 Best Practices to Improve Your Team’s Time Tracking

Time tracking best practices will ensure that you are staying compliant with labor regulations and collective bargaining agreements. …
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inclusive holiday celebrations
Inclusive Holidays: 4 Best Practices for Celebrations in the Workplace

HR professionals must consider how to practice inclusive holiday celebrations in order to promote a healthy work environment….
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employee burnout
7 Signs of Employee Burnout and Ways HR Managers Can Prevent it

Employee burnout has significant consequences for today’s workforce, and it is important to notice the early signs….
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performance management practices
10 Best Performance Management Practices You Can Use Now

Key points: Performance management practices help you measure employee performance and align individual and organizational goals.  The performance management process you use will depend on your business and workforce. Best practices include clear goals and KPIs, performance appraisals, and continuous feedback. Many companies also seek employee input and reward performance. When individual goals align with…
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