Make Your HRIS Provider Your Benefits Broker
3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your HRIS Provider Your Benefits Broker

Benefits are big. Besides accounting for more than 30% of all employer labor costs, they impact employee satisfaction and have the power to make or break a job offer. Despite, or perhaps because of, their importance, benefits administration can be a complex process. This is especially true now, with deadlines and regulations changing to accommodate COVID-19. …
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4 Ways to Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Key Points about diversity and inclusion: Diverse workplaces increase revenue, productivity, and creativity. Despite these benefits, diversity hasn’t been a priority for many businesses – until now. Recent events have prompted many businesses to reconsider. If your business is among them, there are many ways you can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. To…
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HRIS Implementation: Tips to Get Started

Key Points about implementing an HRIS system: The right HR software can save you time, money, and resources. However, like any new system, there are a lot of things to consider before making the purchase and beginning implementation. This blog explains the basic process of HRIS implementation, along with key benefits and insider tips to…
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How to Recruit Top Talent During COVID-19

Key Points about strategic recruiting and the hiring bounce back: The high unemployment rate means that a large number of talented candidates are looking for jobs. However, you may need to update your current recruiting strategy and benefits to attract them.  Text messages, starting salaries, and personality traits are just some of the things to…
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Top 5 Weekly Performance Questions To Ask at a Staff Meeting

What every manager should be using to support their team. Team meetings are crucial to the development of the team. Managers can get all their people in the same room, which opens up a direct line of communication for everyone involved in a project. This can help build trust within the team, allows the group…
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Managing Unused Paid Leave During COVID-19

Key Points about managing unused paid leave when returning to work: The COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing and many employees’ vacations are being cancelled as a result.  You may notice that employees aren’t taking paid time off like they usually do. If you’re worried about how to manage an excess of unused paid…
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