Six ways technology can revolutionize your employee retention
6 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Employee Retention Strategy

Key Points on Supporting Your Employee Retention Strategy with Technology: Employees continue to look for flexibility and work-life balance.   Remote work and the right software can help you make – and keep – your employees happy. More than 47 million employees quit their job voluntarily in 2021. You can prevent most voluntary turnover by uncovering…
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Leap Years: What An Extra Pay Period Means for Your Payroll (and How Our Checklist Can Help)

An extra pay period can occur any year depending on your pay date and frequency. Our checklist can help you manage payroll with an extra pay period….
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Background Checks Made Easy: Screening Services Integrated With Your HRIS Help Keep Your Organization Safe

Key points about background checks: Background checks screen prospective and current employees, providing information that can help you determine whether someone will be able to safely and successfully fulfill a job’s responsibilities. Background investigations can help keep your organization safe and offer some protection against negligent hiring claims. They can give you access to candidates’…
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The New 2020 W-4 Is Here (Infographic)

The IRS just released the finalized W-4 for 2020 and it’s ready to be used! If you didn’t see the initial draft of the W-4, click here to learn more about what changed from the version you’re familiar with. If you did see the first drafts, you’ll be happy to know that no drastic changes…
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The 2019 Sentric Thanksgiving Cookbook

With Thanksgiving just two days away, we are excited to share our 2019 Sentric Thanksgiving Cookbook! We asked the Sentric team to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and memories, and they didn’t disappoint. Click here to checkout the recipes–you might even find a last-minute dish to bring to your next holiday gathering! Happy Holidays from all of…
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Open Enrollment Resources

When it comes to getting through Open Enrollment, we’ve got you covered. Click here to download Sentric’s Open Enrollment kit, which includes resources to help you manage Open Enrollment from start to finish.The kit includes: Spreading the Word – eBookThis eBook will help take the stress out of communication during Open Enrollment with outreach ideas,…
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