Man doing his taxes on the computer
Taxing Matters: Parts of a Pay Stub

Do your employees understand the information included on their pay stubs? There’s a good chance that they don’t.  Key points: Employers should not assume their employees understand what’s on a pay stub. Understanding what’s included on a pay stub can help to catch payroll errors before they become a more significant issue. Common parts of…
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Two women building a relationship
Building Relationships in the Workplace: How to Balance Being Professional and Being Human

Every HR leader needs to be an inclusive, caring, and supportive manager while also being professional.  Key Points: HR is too often viewed as the “police” of an organization; a function built for the sole purpose of hiring and firing. To combat turnover and disengagement, HR leaders must connect with employees in a way that…
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Two employees giving a performance review
Empowering Employees Through Performance Reviews

Employees are the key to a company’s success and it’s HR’s job to empower them.  Key Points: Businesses often struggle to attract, engage, and retain employees. Most employees feel that their organization’s performance review process is ineffective.  Performance reviews are an opportunity to engage, inspire, and empower employees – but only if they’re done well. …
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Leveler image for what you need to know
EEO-1 Component 2: What You Need to Know

HR professionals can stop holding their breath: the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the due date and requirements for the EEO-1 Component 2. So, what now?  Key points: Despite ongoing litigation, the EEOC has decided to collect a snapshot of data from 2017 and 2018 for the newly required Component 2 of the EEO-1…
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Women discussing attract engage and retain
Attract, Engage, and Retain: 5 Ways HR Can Improve the Employee Onboarding Experience

Key points about employee onboarding: A new generation of culture-focused workers is putting pressure on HR to transform the onboarding process. Innovative onboarding is a way to engage and retain workers.  Five ways to improve the onboarding experience for you and your employees. The rules of work have changed. Employees once searched for a job to…
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The Danger Lurking Inside Your Inbox
Fraud Alert: The Danger Lurking Inside Your Inbox

By: Mike Maggs, President Think that email from your boss actually came from your boss? You might be wrong. These days, most of us are so buried in emails that it has become socially acceptable to ignore them—at least for a little while. Still, most people stand at attention when they get an email from…
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