Your clients already think you’re brilliant.

SentricWorkforce will make them think you’re resourceful, too.

We get it. Being a broker these days has never been more challenging. You help your HR clients solve the problems their CEOs care about – new and innovative healthcare models, employee benefits packages, and risk management – in regulatory environments that are constantly changing. You’re a trusted advisor, providing decision-making insight at the highest levels. But HR is also accountable to leadership for:

  • Better data management

    Often the information you get comes from dozens of spreadsheets or multiple software solutions. Your clients don’t have to be tracking down data when they could be focused on strategy.

  • Real-time Compliance and ACA Management

    Every day, your clients are juggling employee certifications that need to be maintained, scheduling that needs to be compliant, processes that need to protect the business. And tracking FTEs, eligibility and different measurement periods create new administrative burdens. Better compliance means complementing your point-in-time counsel with tools that provide real-time oversight.

  • Better engagement with employees

    Your clients spend a lot of time getting information from employees – benefits choices, life event changes, direct deposit updates, document signatures – which comes at a cost. They have less time to spend interacting with and impacting employees. Bringing in SentricWorkforce can free them up to do more of what they love, working with people.

We're as committed to their success as you are.
And we have the software to help them.