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How Thermal-Vac Technology reduced technology costs by over 35% and saved 10-20 hours per week with SentricHR

As Southern California’s premier brazing, heat-treating, and finishing facility, Thermal-Vac Technology offers first-class products and services to a broad customer base that includes NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Thermal-Vac aims to meet each client’s project needs with the best solutions the marketplace has to offer. To accomplish this goal, it’s imperative that their employees get acclimated to the company and their role responsibilities quickly. However, multiple inefficient HR systems made it a challenge to make this happen.

The Thermal-Vac team needed a complete HR solution to manage their employee data in one place, streamline onboarding, and quickly draw insights from trends and statistics.

The Challenge

Multiple systems slowed productivity

Before implementing SentricHR, Thermal-Vac’s team used multiple systems to manage various HR data and processes. These siloed systems meant that they were dealing with a constant stream of data management and updating, copying, and moving information between platforms. This left little time to focus on strategy and improving the employee and new hire experience.

Storing data across multiple systems also made it difficult to quickly and easily report on the employee data they collected. And because most of the processes were managed manually, they had to track and store numerous paper documents as well. Thermal-Vac started looking for a complete solution that would help them prioritize strategy instead of data management, go paperless, and easily generate reports to make data-driven decisions. SentricHR, an all-in-one HR and Payroll platform met all of those requirements, plus offered a level of service they hadn’t experienced anywhere else.

The SentricHR Solution

The Thermal-Vac team wanted to move away from using multiple systems and look for a complete HR solution to manage all of their data and processes in one place. But finding the perfect provider wasn’t easy. 

“Because we were essentially combining the features of four disparate systems into one, we couldn’t skimp on functionality,” said Heather Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of Thermal-Vac. “But we also wanted a provider who felt like a partner. Sentric had the perfect balance: a feature-rich system and a knowledgeable support staff who was beside us the whole way.”

Since implementing SentricHR, Heather and Thermal-Vac team have been able to:

Fully leverage the power of all-in-one software

Before SentricHR, Thermal-Vac used four different systems with different logins to manage data for more than 70 people. It was a challenge to just keep track of those different platforms, not to mention the actual data management that accompanied them. SentricHR brought together those separate elements to use one system for everything. 

With SentricHR, Thermal-Vac’s HR data is managed in a single HRIS system, making it much easier to generate reports and view key metrics. As a result, she can quickly and easily track trends across the company. It also gives other business leaders insight to help them manage individual team labor budgets and take other strategic actions. 

With SentricHR, Heather has the time and energy to focus on strategy and process of her business rather than managing data in multiple systems. All in all, SentricHR’s streamlined solution saved the Thermal-Vac team 10-20 hours of time per week and reduced their overall technology costs by over 35%.

Reduce time spent onboarding new hires

Thanks to SentricHR’s Onboarding features, Thermal-Vac was able to significantly reduce time spent onboarding new employees. Now new hires get acclimated to the company, their team, and their job responsibilities much faster.

New hires also benefit from a more engaging onboarding experience. They can enroll in their own benefit plans, complete their Form I-9, add certifications, and much more. This employee self-service gives them a more active role and also reduces the amount of time Heather needs to spend managing data and new hire paperwork.

Find success with personal customer support

Robust customer support was also important to Thermal-Vac. With the help of Sentric’s customer support team, they successfully implemented the brand-new system and rolled it out to all 70+ employees.

“When our team has a question or needed advice on how to accomplish something in SentricHR, someone always gets back to us within an hour,” said Heather. “We’ve never received such prompt responses from any HR vendor in the past. Truly feeling like someone was by our side throughout implementation made all the difference. I cannot say enough positive things about the Sentric team, they have ALL been truly phenomenal in their knowledge and service level. 


Truly feeling like someone was by our side throughout implementation made all the difference. I cannot say enough positive things about the Sentric team, they have ALL been truly phenomenal in their knowledge and service level.

–Heather Falcone, Chief Executive Officer, Thermal-Vac Technology


Thermal-Vac Put the “Human” Back in Human Resources with SentricHR

For the Thermal-Vac team, SentricHR allows them to make the most of their bandwidth and take a new approach to HR—one that focuses on people, not data.

“I’m only one person, but SentricHR makes me feel like I can do so much more,” said Heather.

Ready to learn more about how Thermal-Vac streamlined their entire HR process with SentricHR’s all-in-one HRIS? Check out SentricHR’s All Features video for a closer look at what we do.


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