6 Creative Onboarding Ideas

Coming up with new and creative onboarding ideas is a great way to keep your new hires engaged and excited throughout the onboarding process.

Key Points:

  • Onboarding can feel overwhelming for your new employee, so as an employer you want to make the onboarding process comfortable and stress-free. 
  • It’s important to welcome your new employee and make sure your onboarding process is a confirmation that they made the right decision. 
  • Utilizing onboarding software can allow you to cut back on the amount of paperwork involved in the onboarding process, saving time and stress. 

Onboarding refers to the process when new hires are integrated into an organization. This process can start before or on their first day, and can last up through their first year. Throughout the onboarding process, a new hire will go through multiple different orientation activities like: 

  • Company culture
  • Company history
  • Mission and values
  • Role review
  • Employee responsibilities review
  • Meet the team

Essentially, there is a lot that goes into the onboarding process. With the amount of information given to your new hire, onboarding can feel overwhelming. But as an employer, you want to make the onboarding process a confirmation that your new employee made the right decision.  Focus on engaging them, making them comfortable, and helping them get acclimated to the environment. Think about how you would want to spend your first day on the job, and mimic that for your new employee. 

The following are 6 creative onboarding ideas to make your the process fun and stress-free. 

1. Create a Welcome Sign and “Swag Bag”

The first day on the job can be nerve-racking. Making them feel welcome right away is actually beneficial to your company, as it can engage new employees, making them more productive. Therefore, it is smart to create a welcome sign with their name on it for their first day, as well as leave a bag of company merchandise on their desk. A swag bag can contain anything from company pens and a mug to a t-shirt and tote bag. Whatever your employee may need or want with the company’s name on it is the perfect first day gift to welcome them to your team.

2. Assign a Mentor for your New Hire

Coming into a new job, it is normal not knowing anyone. Assign a coworker to your new employee to be their mentor or “buddy.” This person will teach them the ropes for their first month or so, as well as introduce them to other coworkers, teach them about the company and their job, and be there to answer questions. It is ideal for this mentor to have a desk near your new employee, as well as a similar job role. 

3. Cut Back on the Paperwork

Onboarding can already be a long process, and adding loads of paperwork to it can make it even longer. You can cut back on onboarding paperwork with secure, cloud-based onboarding software like SentricHR. SentricHR allows you to take your new hire through the paperwork process in a much faster way. You can send them digital files, have them fill in the blanks, and the paperwork process is done. Eliminating paper documents with SentricHR’s onboarding software cuts back on the time and stress involved with the onboarding process!

4. Meet The Team Scavenger Hunt

It can take a lot of time to get to know every member of your team. Help your new employee by putting together a fun and interactive scavenger hunt throughout the office focused on “meeting the team.” This game can be customized however you would like, and it’s a great opportunity for your new hire to break the ice. 

5. Have a Team Lunch

It is important to have lunch with a new employee on their first day, no matter what. Gathering your office for lunch, whether you are ordering in or taking your team out, is a great way to make your new employee feel welcome, as well as allow them to get a feel for the culture of your office. Allow them to see what their team is like, get used to the office humor, and get to know everyone a little more. 

6. Play Company Trivia 

Playing company trivia is a fun way to teach your new hire about the history and culture of the company. Rather than having new hires read about the history of a company through PowerPoint presentations, have them participate in a pre-made trivia game. Making learning into a fun activity will help them easily remember the facts and history of the company. It is also a great way to end such a long and informative day. 

Onboarding with SentricHR

Onboarding is an essential process to acclimate new employees to your office. Though onboarding is long and full of a lot of information, it is possible to make it fun and interesting for your new hires. Coming up with new and creative onboarding ideas will help keep your new hires engaged and excited throughout the process!

SentricHR’s onboarding software allows you to cut back on time and paper! Start setting your new hires up for success by scheduling a demo with our product experts! 


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The Sentric Team

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