How to Choose the Best Onboarding Software

how to choose the best onboarding software
It's important for HR managers to know how to choose the best onboarding software in order to help employees adjust seamlessly.

Key Points:

  • A structured and effective onboarding process can help reduce employee turnover rates by creating an engaging experience.
  • Choosing onboarding software that has automated tasks and workflows will allow HR professionals to save time as well as offer a seamless transition for new employees.
  • Factoring in the needs and size of your organization is the first step to finding the right price frame to work with.

It can be hard for employees to adjust to a new work environment, which is why it is important for HR professionals to create an efficient onboarding process. Utilizing onboarding software is an extremely helpful way to orient your new hires to your organization quickly and easily. HR managers can use onboarding software to inform new employees of your organization’s policies and procedures, fill out all necessary paperwork, and welcome new hires to the team. Onboarding functions are incorporated into a digital dashboard, all in one spot. In this blog post, we cover simple steps in how to choose the best onboarding software for your business.  

What are the Advantages of Onboarding Software?

Reduced Turnover- A structured and effective onboarding process can help reduce employee turnover rates by creating an engaging experience. The use of onboarding software will take your new employees through automated tasks and important information in a quick and easy way, making them feel welcome and confident. 

Simplified Processes- Onboarding software offers paperless processes and automated workflows. Many onboarding systems offer pre-configured templates that are ready for you to use  right away, saving time for HR professionals. Onboarding software organizes your tasks by due date which allows your new employees to complete tasks on their own time before the due date, giving them the power to guide themselves through the onboarding process. 

Easy to find new hire documentation- With onboarding software, there is no need for paper documentation, as everything is securely saved to a cloud database. Employees will receive notifications when a document is ready for review, and they’ll even be able to sign essential documents before their first day. This saves HR professionals the stress of organizing and keeping track of confidential paper files and onboarding tasks.

What to Look for in Onboarding Software


Onboarding software is meant to seamlessly take new employees through initial welcoming and training processes on their own. The easier your software is to use, the better experience new hires will have and the more comfortable they will be. For example, onboarding software presents all employee photos and contact information in one place, giving your new hires the opportunity to connect with coworkers and ask questions. 

Extensive software features

When learning how to choose the best onboarding software, consider the features that you are looking for. What exactly are you hoping to gain from your onboarding software? Are you looking for a self-service platform for employees? How do you want your documentation to be stored? These are important questions to start with before you choose a software for your organization. 

Automated tasks and workflows

Choosing onboarding software that has automated tasks and workflows will allow HR professionals to save time as well as offer a simple transition for employees. With automated tasks and workflows, new employees will be taken through the onboarding steps at their own pace. You are able to automate your employee’s training schedule, first day tasks, and much more, making their entire onboarding experience simple and memorable. 

Steps to Choosing the Best Onboarding Software for your Business

  1. Understand the Benefits

The first step in choosing an onboarding software is to understand what it can do for your organization. What do you want to gain from onboarding software? By recognizing the importance of an effective onboarding process, you will better understand what you need in the perfect software for your organization. To further understand the benefits of a structured onboarding process, ensure that you are doing proper research. 

  1. Establish Your Budget

How to choose the best onboarding software for your organization can feel like a daunting task. It is helpful to consider the size of your company, the needs of your employees, and your budget to understand what kind of onboarding software will best benefit your business. 

  1. Find Out Which Platform Is Best For You

Once you find your budget and preferred features, you can move onto finding the best platform for your organization. This will take time and research. Keep in mind the needs of your employees as well as the size of your organization – two important factors for every step of this process. 

  1. Set Goals And Measure Success

Once you have found the perfect onboarding software for you and your organization, you can move on to set goals and measure your success. For example, measure retention and engagement rate before and after implementing your onboarding software. 

Onboarding with SentricHR

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