Improving the Hiring Process: The Pros and Cons of Using Recruiters

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Whether you are the owner of a small business or are tasked with human resource hiring responsibilities in a larger company, you understand the challenge of finding the right fit for an open position. There are professional recruiting services that can be used to streamline your hiring process but you may be wondering if the benefits of this service are justified by the cost of services. With a closer look at what recruiters have to offer, you can determine if using recruiters with your own hiring process will be worthwhile.

What Recruiters Can Do For You
Recruiters can drastically reduce the time and workload associated with hiring a skilled professional. You can provide a recruiter with a detailed job description for the position you are trying to fill. The recruiter can develop the job listing on your behalf and can post it in locations that range from local newspapers to various online job search sites. All resumes will be submitted to the recruiter, and the recruiter will work to screen applicants based on a review of the resume, a phone interview and even a preliminary, face-to-face interview. Only those applicants that pass through this initial process will be submitted to you. Through these steps, you can be ensured that you spend your time considering only the most qualified candidates.

The Drawbacks Associated With Using Recruiting Services
There are, however, drawbacks associated with using recruiting services. First, these services can be expensive and the more reliant a company becomes on a recruiter the more expensive the hiring process. In addition, there are certain instances when the best candidate does not quite fit the defined parameters that were provided to the recruiter. A recruiter may filter out a candidate who may lack certain educational or work experience requirements but who may otherwise be perfect for the job or who may have other compensating factors.

While some companies will decide to put the services of a recruiter to use, others want to retain greater control over the hiring process. If you fall into the latter group, you may consider implementing the use of personnel recruiting software to improve the management of your recruiting efforts. Personnel recruiting software provides you with the ability to filter candidates through features like resume parsing and candidate ranking. All resumes may be stored in your office and you will have complete control to define the parameters of your search. If you do not find the ideal candidate with an initial search, you can adjust the parameters with ease to filter resumes and look for candidates who may fall slightly outside the original parameters of your search.



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