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Pittsburgh, Pa. – June 11, 2015 – Sentric®, an all-in-one human resources (HR) and payroll software provider, spent more than three years on its latest version, investing millions in rethinking, redesigning and ultimately, reinventing its core product – SentricWorkforce. The release combines major functional improvements with new features, all rooted in a new service-oriented architecture and new user interface (UI). Many of the upgrades will immediately benefit users, while others, like the change in software architecture, will allow Sentric to better serve clients well into the future.

“Our newest version of SentricWorkforce isn’t your typical software update, it’s a complete overhaul of the entire product,” said Sentric President, Mike Maggs. “Some changes will be noticeable – like the new user interface, navigation and functionality upgrades – while others, like the redesigned software architecture, won’t be. However, both are equally as important and will benefit our customers now and into the future.”

For users, the most noticeable change to SentricWorkforce will be its new user interface. Pulled from the best of the web, it’s familiar and intuitive so that employees and administrative users can quickly and easily navigate between tasks. Major categories – like People, Pay and Benefits – now can be accessed along the top of the product with most details just one- or two-clicks away. New to SentricWorkforce, the interface can now also be configured to include a company’s logo and color scheme, an important piece of feedback received from clients.

The latest release includes:

  • New service-oriented architecture provides a strong foundation for future updates and improvements, including a deeper integration with non-Sentric technologies through an open application program interface (API) and future mobile optimization.
  • A homepage that acts as a “command center” with the most commonly accessed tasks – request time off and pay information – available upon login, as well as a new Notification Center that provides at-a-glance details for Alerts, Action Items, Approvals and Drafts.
  • Improved processes and workflows including a new hire, open enrollment and recruiting wizard. New wizards and workflows help simplify commonly used tasks for both employees and administrators.
  • A redesigned recruiting workflow that guides users through a linear process from building a requisition to hiring new talent.
  • Updated Employee Self Service (ESS) featuring employee profiles that can be easily updated by users or administrators. All vital information is just one- or two-clicks away.
  • Job history timelines provide a graphical view for each employee allowing managers and administrators to track and review overall growth and on-the-job progress.
  • Our new ad hoc reporting tool that allows you to create custom reports by simply dragging and dropping desired data fields. Data can be added, removed, sorted or moved as necessary or exported in a number of formats.
  • Improved Training functionality that now has the ability to recommend courses based on goals and job needs.
  • New document management capabilities eliminate the need for paper personnel files.
  • The ability to easily reorganize and sort data, manipulate views and export information into a variety of formats.
  • Robust filters found throughout SentricWorkforce allow users to easily identify one or many individuals who meet a specific set of parameters.

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