Our service approach:

Flexible. Smart. Dedicated to you.

We look at service in a very simple way: It’s pretty much everything. That’s because we’ve all called a customer service department and spoken with five people about the same thing. And we think that stinks, too.

When you work with Sentric, we’re here to answer your questions and help you use SentricHR to solve real problems, save real time, and make a real impact in everyone’s work life.

Standard Service

At the heart of our standard service option is your support team and their expertise – you'll know who they are, and they'll understand your challenges. We give you all the tools you need to find the right person to answer your questions fast -- via phone, email, or singing telegram. Your team's sole mission is to make sure you know how to use SentricHR to solve your problems, become more efficient, and help your people. And it's all part of your per employee per month fees.

Payroll Set-Up

Tired of your current payroll provider? Just make the leap, we'll have you up and running in just a pay cycle or two.

Rapid Onboard:
Beyond Payroll

We’ll migrate your critical data and give you access to a dedicated implementation pro for 60 days. By then, you’ll be ready to capture time, understand how your data is set up and be your company’s resident SentricHR expert.

Implementation Lead

From project kick-off, you’re in the capable hands of your dedicated implementation lead. They’ll assume responsibility for clearly defining and communicating your scope of work, project milestones, deadlines and priorities.

The Right Support
When You Need It

Sometimes you want to learn at your own pace. Sometimes you want to learn from an expert. And sometimes it's good to learn from people like you. That's why our support model incorporates it all.

Knowledge Base

We like phone and email, but sometimes it’s faster to just look online. That’s why we have a robust knowledge base with dozens of “how-to” articles and videos, growing by the day. Learn on your own time, in your own way. Or give us a call. It’s always your choice.

Recorded and Live
Group Webinar Training

Our service team offers tips on topics like how to run richer reports, how to manage routes and alerts, or how to get ready for open enrollment. Come and learn live, ask questions and learn with your peers, or just watch the recorded versions from our website.


We understand that learning how to use SentricHR is very different from mastering your own data and set-up. Every customer gets tailored administrator training at the end of their implementation period.

First Time Open
Enrollment Support

If you purchase Benefits, we’ll not only help you get your benefits into SentricHR, but we’ll give you best practices, manage changes and premium updates for your first open enrollment. You'll get what you need, even if it’s outside your implementation.

Guided Talent

We'll set up things like your payroll, time and benefits but understand that each organization handles talent a little different. We give you the flexibility to adapt SentricHR to your needs by providing you with tools and training necessary to be successful.

Concierge Service Options

We know not every client, implementation, or year is the same. And we also understand human resources departments in mid-sized organizations often need a little more than traditional software support. So if you find yourself in need of extra resources, training new people, executing new strategies, or resetting priorities, we have our Concierge Service options to see you through.

New User

Your SentricHR administrator just got promoted. Or just left. Don’t panic. We’ll give your new administrator a series of one-on-one sessions on the areas of SentricHR your company uses. We’ll have them mastering the product and your data; they’ll be hitting the ground running before you know it.

Manager / Employee
Live Training

The SentricHR interface is pretty intuitive, so most employees jump right in. However, maybe you want to roll out training sessions on how the product aligns with your absence plans, open enrollment or your review structure. We’ll do tailored online sessions to help you onboard your people.


If your company prefers to have someone onsite for a day, we can build a face-to-face training program for you, your HR team, or your managers and employees.


Most of our clients can get the reports they need from the hundreds of standard reports or our ad hoc reporting tool. Sometimes, however, we get a request for something a little more complicated. We'll slice and dice your data in ways you never knew possible.

Recurring Open
Enrollment Support

It may be your most hectic time of year and SentricHR will reduce your burdens significantly, but if you’re still in need of more arms and legs to add new benefit plans and reestablish connections to carriers, we can help.

Talent Set-Up

If you recently revamped your performance or training programs, or restructured organizational goals, you may be looking at pretty substantial changes to how you use SentricHR. Let us focus on the data changes so you can focus on change management.


Data can change as often as your company, and it’s not always feasible (or desirable) to batch change information across hundreds or thousands of employees in different locations, departments, or job roles. If you need to save yourself the headache, give us a call. We’ll help you keep your data up to date and accurate.

Annual Use

SentricHR is only as useful as it is used. Let us help you uncover which parts are being used to their full potential, help you identify new efficiencies, and make recommendations for best practices.

Not seeing what you need?
Talk to our sales team. We'll build a service package designed around your priorities.