Spring Cleaning Your HR Data

Why is it important to have clean HR data?

“From a service standpoint, having clean data won’t just make you feel better (although I’m sure it will do that too), it will also allow you to take full advantage of the features and functionality within your software. I know that sounds like an obvious answer, but the truth is we’re used to seeing clients rely on work-arounds developed as a result of bad data that they’re not able to use SentricWorkforce to its full potential. I realize that cleaning up can be daunting, but by actually taking the time to go through your information, identify any concerns, and then correct them, you’ll be in a much better place now and well into the future.” –Amanda Olson, Product Support Analyst

“Starting an HR software implementation can be a ‘fresh start’ for a client when it comes to their data. While it may take longer (in terms of preparation time before implementation starts), we encourage clients to not only take the time to round up all the HR data they need, but also validate that their data and associated processes are accurate and clean. Not to mention, having all the required data up front makes for a much more efficient implementation. The phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ comes to mind. If you’ve got poor quality data going in, you’re most always going to have a poor outcome. The most successful implementations have clean data from the get-go.” –Missy Haag, Implementation Consultant

“Having clean HR data in your HR software is a good way to ensure your reports will be accurate and that your carrier connections are correct. You’ll feel good knowing that whatever report you run, whether a list of your employees’ demographics or an absence report, is pulling data that you can confidently rely on. As a client implements SentricWorkforce, I always tell them that to get clean data going forward, they have to have good documentation processes in place. A best practice is to document how data should be entered and then distribute and communicate those instructions so everyone using SentricWorkforce is on the same page. And to help you assess if the data entered into your software is following the standards you have set up, you can build reports in SentricWorkforce to help you validate your data and check for inconsistencies.” –Denise Naff, Implementation Consultant

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