A paperless platform for compliant document management and secure recordkeeping.

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We Do Documents Differently


Paper is part of every people management process, but it doesn’t have to be. With SentricHR, you can make any process paperless, whether it’s part of onboarding, benefits, or something else entirely.


Our all-in-one software combines industry-leading document management with secure recordkeeping, so you can create, manage, store, and sign digital forms for everything HR in
one place.

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Document Designer

  • Go paperless and kiss your filing cabinets goodbye. We make the transition easy with our ready-to-use workflows for essential documents like the Form I-9 and Form W-4. These documents are fully compliant and pre-configured in SentricHR – all you need to do is request them from your employees.
  • If you want to take the rest of your paperwork online, you can easily digitize your existing forms by uploading a PDF to our document designer. Once assigned, the document interacts with your existing employee data, automatically pulling information into the appropriate fields to save you (and your employees) valuable time.

Manage Document Workflows

  • Once you’ve created a digital document, our all-in-one technology helps you manage the process and the people who interact with it.
  • Monitor a document’s entire lifecycle, including who it is assigned to and what still needs to be completed. Any time an employee needs to interact with it, they’ll automatically receive an alert that tells them a document’s ready to view, sign, or otherwise acknowledge.
  • Need to identify missing documents? You can do that, too. Our software helps you locate missing documents and quickly assign them to the right people so you have everything you need to stay compliant in one place.

Store & Share Your Documents

  • Completed documents are stored securely in SentricHR for continued access, ease of use, and compliant record-keeping purposes.
  • With our software, you can organize documents in custom folders and give employees access to documents they’ve already completed.
  • We make it easy to share personnel files, letting you export them in a password-protected email without ever leaving our software.

ESIGN & UETA Compliance

  • Go paperless without sacrificing compliance.
  • With our ESIGN and UETA-compliant signatures, employees can safely view and sign electronic documents from their computer or mobile device

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