Our Story

Our Story

People-Driven Software Designed to Empower People At Work

How We See HR

We believe Human Resources Managers are in the service business, helping companies and individuals manage life inside the office. And with high standards for responsibilities that range from deeply personal, to broadly impactful, they expect a lot from their partners.

We embrace those expectations and deliver a product and service experience that can work within the many fluxes in their day while giving their clients (employees, managers, executives, job candidates) an awesome technology experience.

Our vision is simple: to make technology that strengthens the interactions between companies and their people. And what makes us different is the often forgotten notion that a client’s business is earned every day, long after the sale.

The Right Kind of Service

We give every client multiple paths to success, allowing them to learn on their terms and how they learn best. Our support team doesn’t simply pursue call resolution, they ask about what our clients want to achieve and help them get it done. And we do it through committed teams, a tenured and certified staff and by making service the heart of our culture.

All Things HR All in One Place

We get it. HR isn’t looking for more resources (they have enough of those to manage). We make software that’s focused on simplifying the complicated and centralizing the dispersed – allowing them to look pretty darn resourceful.

Software Employees Love

Building a perfectly tailored HR environment is a delicate balancing act. We make things powerful enough to do the job and intuitive enough to get used by every person in the organization every day.