Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Data-driven insights and actionable analytics at your fingertips.

Do More With Your Data

  • With SentricHR, all of your HR and payroll information is in one place, giving you the ability to quickly analyze data for any aspect of your business.
  • Our software provides both broad overviews and in-depth insights to all of your data with visuals that make it easy to analyze real-time changes, identify trends, and more.
  • We also provide a variety of ready-to-use and customizable reports, so it only takes a few clicks to create the reports that work best for you and your business. The data’s already gathered and ready at your fingertips – all you have to do is decide how to use it.

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(Re)Discover Your Data

Draw insights in an instant. Our digital dashboards are designed with you in mind, giving you an overview of relevant data and analytics for every part of our software, whether you’re in absences, benefits, or somewhere else. 

Each card visualizes key metrics with easy-to-read graphics. Just click one to edit its contents or drill down to more detailed information. Our grids display an in-depth view of your data that you can manipulate as needed. Drag, drop, and sort columns, add filters, and export your finished product in a CSV or Excel file.

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Ready-to-Use &
Ad Hoc Reports

  • SentricHR provides hundreds of ready-to-use reports so you can quickly get the information you need to make strategic business decisions. Whether you want to generate an audit, compliance report, or benefits census, our pre-built reports have you covered.
  • You can also create custom reports to make the most of your data. Ad hoc reports let you drag, drop, and organize data any way you like, giving you control of what information appears, how it’s sorted, and who sees it.
  • Once you’ve generated your reports, you can share them with multiple people at the same time while keeping private data protected. Choose what information each user can see so sensitive information stays secure.

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Frequently Asked Data & Analytics Questions

Are you still looking to learn more about Data & Analytics for your business? These Frequently Asked Questions can help you find the answer.

Most departments regularly use data and analytics⁠—why can’t your HR department? HR analytics software gives your team insight into valuable workforce data that can drive HR decisions and impact your entire organization’s direction, growth plan, budget, and more. Learn more.

With the right analytics software, your HR department can access hundreds of useful data points. But which should you focus on? Many organizations focus on recruitment, retention, and performance. However, to make the most of your data, select the data points that are most relevant to your organization’s needs and goals. Learn more.

Every organization is different and faces different challenges. First, decide which metrics matter most to your organization. Once you establish your key metrics, set up dashboards and reporting so your HR team can monitor them. These metrics may include things like time to fill, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion.