Employee Onboarding Software

Our automated, paperless onboarding solution sets new hires up for success before their first day even begins.

New hires can complete digital documents days
before they start their new position.

Employee Onboarding Software Overview


New employees can use our HR employee onboarding software to complete paperwork electronically, connect with team members, and get started faster.


Our centralized human resources system leaves you free to focus on people, not paper, for a more engaging employee experience the first day and every day after.

Our Paperless Process

Paperwork is an unavoidable part of the employee onboarding process, but it doesn’t have to consume your employee’s first day.

SentricHR’s employee onboarding software reduces repetitive data entry and fills in the blanks with information you already have on file, while electronic forms and ESIGN-compliant signatures let new hires sign essential documents before they walk through the door.

Our platform trades stacks of physical documents for digital files to make employee onboarding faster, more accurate, and compliant.

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Employee Onboarding Software Features:

Your New Hire’s First Day

  • Eliminate your new hire’s first day jitters by telling them exactly what to expect. Include their scheduled appointments and meetings, along with directions to your workplace, where to park, nearby restaurants, and more.
  • Improve employee engagement by allowing new employees to virtually meet their team members, and see their photos, bios, and contact information. With everything in one place, it’s easier than ever to pay your employees – quickly, easily, and accurately. You can even embed or link to company videos so new hires can get acquainted with your culture or begin training beforehand.
  • Making your new employee feel comfortable and connected from the start is the first step towards their success – and we make sure you have the onboarding tools you need to do just that.

Employee Experience

  • With our pre-configured onboarding template, you can quickly guide employees through the process and enable them to manage their own data with automated digital forms and compliant e-signatures.
  • New hires can enroll in benefits, enter their direct deposit information, sign up for training sessions, and complete their Form W-4.
  • Checklists help you direct the new hire from task to task and gather all the required information, saving you time and giving them a more engaging onboarding experience.

Organized Onboarding Dashboard

  • Our employee onboarding dashboard gives you a clear view of the entire process so nothing gets missed. You can keep track of everyone involved (not just new hires), each step in the process, and any outstanding tasks.
  • Whether it’s IT who needs to issue new login credentials or the new hire who needs to complete their Form W-4, automatic notifications alert the right people to the right tasks and help you monitor progress, clear bottlenecks, and onboard new hires with as few headaches as possible.

Keep Your Workplace Safe (& Compliant)

  • SentricHR’s new hire services help you make informed hiring decisions and comply with the applicable industry and governmental standards, including E-Verify.
  • You can order a variety of background checks and view the results directly in SentricHR with our Verified First integration.
  • Once you’ve made a hiring decision, you won’t need to worry about submitting your required new hire report, either. We file it for you so you can stay compliant, stay safe, and focus on your new employees.

Our Onboarding Templates

  • Jumpstart your process with an employee onboarding template that’s ready to use when you are.
  • Easily create your own onboarding templates and workflows for different positions, locations, and other criteria specific to your business.


  • Our ESIGN-compliant feature lets new hires safely view and sign documents from their computer or mobile device, so you can collect important employee information in record time.
  • With our Documents dashboard, you can convert any of your paper forms to digital files complete with e-signature capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Employee Onboarding Questions

Are you still looking to learn more about Employee Onboarding for your business? These Frequently Asked Questions can help you find the answer.

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Remote workers are becoming more common, so it’s more important than ever to develop an onboarding process that connects new hires to your company culture and their new coworkers. Different processes and activities can help you engage remote employees during the onboarding process. Learn more.