Talent Management Software

Streamlined talent management to attract, develop, and empower employees every step of the way.

Employee Success = Company Success


When an individual employee succeeds, so does your business. With Recruiting, Goals, Performance, and Training together on one platform, you can manage all things talent and set your employees, and your business, up for success.


Recruit top talent and manage them with employee-powered goals and pre-configured performance review templates. In SentricHR, training programs, employee goals, and performance reviews work together for a seamless talent management solution that connects your employees to your company.


Happier employees, higher retention rates…no matter how you define success, it begins with your people and we’ll help you manage them every step of the way.


Acquire talent without starting from scratch. SentricHR’s recruiting workflows are pre-configured to help you reach as much talent as possible, guiding you and your candidates through recruitment from start to finish.

Our software moves candidates through the process automatically, giving them a mobile-friendly experience and freeing you from manual updates. If you need to check on a candidate, you can easily see where they are in the process and review their information before extending an offer. Get ready to hire in record time. 

  • Create & approve requisitions
  • Design & review applications
  • Post to job boards
  • Find & hire candidates
  • Evaluate applicants
  • Track offers


  • Performance reviews give you and your employees the chance to provide feedback for greater growth, development, and engagement on a company-wide scale. But creating and managing performance reviews for every single employee can be difficult.
  • We provide ready-to-use performance review templates that help you assess employee competency at any time. If you want to make your own reviews, you can tweak our templates or create one that’s entirely your own.
  • Whether it’s an annual review or a casual check-in, employees can see previous and current reviews and fill them out directly in SentricHR, making performance reviews easy and transparent for better performance year-round.


  • In a busy workplace, managers and employees don’t always have time to check in regularly. With SentricHR, you and your employees can set concrete goals that interact with Training and Performance for talent management that’s both frequent and convenient.
  • Create individual and company-wide goals to complete a training program, earn a certification, meet new revenue targets, or something else entirely.
  • Automated alerts remind you when due dates are approaching or certifications are about to expire, and completed training programs can prompt employees to enroll in new courses and set new goals.
  • When it’s time for performance reviews, you can include goals there, too, for fairer evaluations with clear expectations.

Training & Development

  • Support your employees beyond their first week with continuous training and development. Our software guides them through training programs or individual courses so you can be certain they’re getting the information they need to perform their job and stay compliant.
  • Upload your existing content, create a training calendar or class schedule, assign employees to specific curriculums, and offer optional classes for employees who want to develop their skills further.
  • Detailed reports show you every course completed by an employee, along with those employees who still need to enroll, so you can track training with ease.

Frequently Asked Talent Management Questions

Are you still looking to learn more about Talent Management for your business? These Frequently Asked Questions can help you find the answer.

Employees want to succeed, but sometimes there aren’t well-defined goals or pathways to success. This lack of clarity and structure can lead to unsatisfied employees who seek opportunities elsewhere. Encourage your employees to grow and succeed by clearly defining annual goals, monitoring their progress, and offering opportunities for additional training. Learn more.

Software can change the way your company handles employee performance. With software, you leave behind the hassle of paperwork and missing reviews. Your HR department can monitor progress against individual and company-wide goals, training, and development in real-time. Employees can also track their progress and easily complete performance reviews online, reducing your HR department’s burden.

Frequently discussing employee goals and performance can help your employees grow. There are a few key questions you and your team leaders can ask during weekly or bi-weekly meetings to continually support staff performance. Learn more.