The CROWN Act: How to Comply with Hair Discrimination Laws in the Workplace

Racial discrimination can take many forms. In the workplace, hair discrimination is one of them, and it presents real barriers to Black employees. …
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How to Switch Employee Benefits Brokers (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Key Points about changing employee benefits brokers: There are a lot of myths about switching employee benefits brokers, but the process is fairly straightforward. If you want to switch, submit a Broker of Record (BOR) form or other documentation requesting the change to your insurance carriers. They’ll take care of the rest.  You can submit…
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What to Include in an Employer Social Media Policy

With so many people online, what your employees say or do on social media can have a wide-reaching impact on your business….
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How to Support a Grieving Employee

No one can make grief easy, but you can lessen the burden by offering support and giving people the time and space they need to process their emotions and heal. …
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How COVID-19 Impacts Businesses Today & Tomorrow: Remaining Aid & Lasting Policy Changes

Now that it’s been a full year since the pandemic began, which aid programs are still relevant to your business?…
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Rescreening your employees
3 Benefits of Rescreening Your Employees

Pre-employment screens help you protect your current workforce and verify your new employee’s criminal record, work history, and more….
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