The 2020 Sentric Thanksgiving Cookbook

2020 has been a challenge for everyone. This year especially, we’re grateful for all of our clients and partners, and we want to take a moment to say thanks.  We’ve also created a new Thanksgiving cookbook filled with homemade recipes from members of our team. We hope these dishes can bring some additional warmth to…
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How to Prepare for ACA Reporting and Compliance

Key Points and FAQs about ACA reporting and what you need to do: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires some employers to gather information regarding the healthcare coverage they offer their employees. If you’re an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) or offer self-insured plans, you’re required to submit ACA-related reports. Our checklist outlines important guidelines, deadlines,…
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5 Important HR Metrics That Can Change Your Business

Key Points about making data-driven decisions: Why are HR metrics important? HR metrics can help you persuade executive leaders to make changes that improve your organization. What are the most important HR metrics? The key metrics you track will vary, but many businesses measure time to fill, employee engagement, absenteeism, diversity and inclusion, and turnover…
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Politics in the Workplace: Policies and Preventative Measures

Key Points about HR’s role in political discussions: Increased polarization has made this year’s presidential race more tense than past elections.  As an HR leader, you may need to help your workplace navigate this political atmosphere. Policies and preventative measures can help you create a respectful environment and reduce conflict whether it’s an election year…
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Why Quality of Hire Matters & How to Measure It [Infographic]

Key Points about developing a quality of hire strategy: Hiring quality employees from the start can help you streamline the recruitment process and reduce turnover costs.  Choose a few quality of hire indicators and measure them consistently to find the employees who will bring lasting success to your organization.  83% of HR professionals struggle to…
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How to Choose the Best Employee Retirement Plan for Your Small Business

Employer vs. State-Sponsored Retirement Plans Key Points:  Employee retirement plans can help you support your team. They’re also a great way to attract and retain talent. Your state may require you to offer an employee retirement plan. You have two general options: employer-sponsored and state-sponsored plans.  They both have pros and cons, so what you…
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