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Politics in the Workplace: Policies and Preventative Measures

Key Points about HR’s role in political discussions: Increased polarization has made this year’s presidential race more tense than past elections.  As an HR leader, you may need to help your workplace navigate this political atmosphere. Policies and preventative measures can help you create a respectful environment and reduce conflict whether it’s an election year…
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How to Choose the Best Retirement Plan for Your Small Business

Employer vs. State-Sponsored Retirement Plans Key Points:  Retirement plans can help you support your employees. They’re also a great way to attract and retain talent. Your state may require you to offer an employee retirement plan. You have two general options: employer-sponsored and state-sponsored plans.  They both have pros and cons, so what you choose…
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Back to School: How to Support Working Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Key Points about juggling work-life balance and childcare concerns: This back to school season, uncertain education and childcare arrangements raise new concerns for parents working remotely. Their personal and professional lives have already blurred, and the reprieve school or daycare usually provides may not come. Flexible accommodations and empathy are key to helping your employees…
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Virtual Employee Onboarding Programs: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Key Points about onboarding remote employees during the COVID-19 pandemic:  With remote work as the new normal, almost every process, including onboarding, is conducted virtually. While the goals of onboarding haven’t changed, the virtual setup presents new challenges for employers and employees alike.  Avoid common onboarding and remote work mistakes to effectively welcome your new…
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How to Manage COVID-19 Health & Safety Concerns

Key Points about waivers, hazard pay, and complaints: Businesses are starting to reopen, but the risk of COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. When returning to work, your employees may express health and safety concerns. Notices, acknowledgements, waivers, and hazard pay are a few ways you can manage concerns and complaints. However, many experts are uncertain about…
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Make Your HRIS Provider Your Benefits Broker
3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your HRIS Provider Your Benefits Broker

Benefits are big. Besides accounting for more than 30% of all employer labor costs, they impact employee satisfaction and have the power to make or break a job offer. Despite, or perhaps because of, their importance, benefits administration can be a complex process. This is especially true now, with deadlines and regulations changing to accommodate COVID-19. …
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4 Ways to Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Key Points about diversity and inclusion: Diverse workplaces increase revenue, productivity, and creativity. Despite these benefits, diversity hasn’t been a priority for many businesses – until now. Recent events have prompted many businesses to reconsider. If your business is among them, there are many ways you can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. To…
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How to Recruit Top Talent During COVID-19

Key Points about strategic recruiting and the hiring bounce back: The high unemployment rate means that a large number of talented candidates are looking for jobs. However, you may need to update your current recruiting strategy and benefits to attract them.  Text messages, starting salaries, and personality traits are just some of the things to…
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Changes to PPP Loan Forgiveness: The PPP Flexibility Act of 2020

Key Points about the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020: This new Act applies to all PPP loans and expands certain aspects of forgiveness and timing. For more information about the PPP loan and other key laws that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, download our Interactive Guide to COVID-19 Legislation. The Paycheck Protection…
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An Employer’s Interactive Guide to COVID-19 Legislation

Need help navigating COVID-19 Legislation? Download our Employer’s Guide to COVID-19 Legislation Key Points about our guide to COVID-19 legislation: The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a variety of new laws and regulations, including the FFCRA and CARES Act. Our comprehensive guide helps employers understand how their business may be impacted by COVID-19 legislation, what they…
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