Our Careers

You’re More than Your Job – We’re More than a Tech Company.

Call us biased but we think Sentric is a pretty great place to work — especially if you want to work for a great technology company. And, if you’ve come this far, we tend to think you’d agree. But we also know that you probably want to learn a little bit more about what makes us so great. That’s why we’ve included some information on our culture and what we’re all about below. If you like what you see, click here to browse our open positions.

We’re hiring. If you like how we do business and think you’d be a valuable part of our team, join us.

We Work and Play

A lot of companies talk a big game when it comes to work-life balance but we actually back it up. That’s because we understand that your life outside the office is filled with all kinds of fun things. And we don’t blame you for wanting to have more of it. In fact, we want to help you take advantage of it and offer our employees all kinds of great perks like flexible start times and the chance to win your birthday off in our annual Office Olympics.

We Stay for a While

We’re usually pretty reserved but can’t help but gush about our dedicated staff because we know our most important assets will always be our people. Like all companies, we have a few lifers and a handful of newbies, but what we’re really proud of is the average tenure of six years across our service staff. Finding the best people is just as important as keeping them and we work hard to do just that.

We Pay It Forward

To us, giving back is more than just writing checks – although we do that, too — it’s about actually rolling up our sleeves and helping out in our local communities. But we wanted to make it even easier to give back, so, in addition to several company-organized community service activities, we decided to give each employee an additional 8 hours to use as they please on any community service or volunteer project. In 2014, that resulted in a total of nearly 540 hours of volunteer time.

We’re Everywhere (Sort of)

From sea to shining sea sounds a little cheesy but it is fitting since we have offices as far west as Orange Country, CA, and employees as far east as Rhode Island. In between you’ll find our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as an office in Denver, CO. If those aren’t close, don’t fret, we also have remote employees working in all parts of the country. If you’re the right fit, we’ll try our best to make you a part of the team — even if that means the possibility of working remotely.