6 Key Components for a Successful Records Management Program

A records management program is a method to ensure that each document that passes through HR is secure and available for reference….
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Going Paperless in Your Office- 6 Steps to Get You There

Keeping track of physical paperwork can be difficult and pose a lot of risk, but going paperless can save you from these issues….
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Woman in a light brown suit looks at paper documents for an employee personnel file.
What Should an Employee Personnel File Contain? (with Free Checklist)

An employee personnel file contains certain job-related documents. Here’s a list of what you should and should not put in an employee personnel file….
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Image for document management software
What Is Document Management Software & How Can It Help Your Business?

Almost every HR process involves some form of documentation. Document management software makes it easier to manage and store everything in one place….
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Woman typing on her computer
Go Paperless in Your Human Resources Department

HR professionals that rely on paper processes are often stuck in task-driven roles. By going paperless, you can free your HR department to engage with your employees and affect your operations in more meaningful ways….
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