employee burnout
7 Signs of Employee Burnout and Ways HR Managers Can Prevent it

Employee burnout has significant consequences for today’s workforce, and it is important to notice the early signs….
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performance management practices
10 Best Performance Management Practices You Can Use Now

Key points: Performance management practices help you measure employee performance and align individual and organizational goals.  The performance management process you use will depend on your business and workforce. Best practices include clear goals and KPIs, performance appraisals, and continuous feedback. Many companies also seek employee input and reward performance. When individual goals align with…
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talent management software
Talent Management Software: What is It and How Can You Use It?

Talent management software makes training, documentation, goals, and performance reviews more interactive and transparent….
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HR Career Path
HR Career Path: How to Develop and Plan for It

An HR career path can be extremely rewarding, challenging, and will keep you engaged and learning at every step. …
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Employee Attrition: What Does it Mean and Why is it Important?

The loss of an employee due to reasons other than job satisfaction is referred to as employee attrition….
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Pre-Employment Background Screening: What Hiring Managers Need to Know

Background screening helps employers find information about a candidate beyond what they share on the job application….
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Adverse Impact: What your Hiring Team Needs to Know

Key Points: Adverse impact is the negative result that unfair and biased selection processes have on protected groups. It is important to measure the potential for impact throughout each step of your hiring or selection process.  Adverse impact can occur in not only the hiring process, but promotion selection, training, transfers, and layoffs as well….
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What Type of Employee Performance Review Works Best

An employee performance review can be very valuable to both employees and employers, providing encouragement and realistic goals….
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The Rise of Contingent Workers
The Rise of Contingent Workers

Hiring a contingent worker can be greatly beneficial to your organization, but it is important to consider all factors. …
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What are the Benefits of a Healthy Employee Retention Rate?

There are great things that come from a healthy employee retention rate, like better customer experience, reduced turnover costs, and more….
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