Guide for Payroll Professionals: How to Manage Payroll Compliance, Tax Compliance, & Federal and State Legislation

Key points about managing payroll and tax compliance:

  • Payroll is complicated. Our eBook can help you keep track of various wage and hour requirements, tax rules, Federal and state legislation, and more.

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Payroll is a necessary part of any business. But with so many different wage, hour, taxability, and reporting requirements, managing payroll can quickly become complicated no matter how experienced you are or how many employees you have.

Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • How many pay periods are there each year?
  • How do I calculate payroll deductions?
  • Which tax form do I need to use?
  • What’s my state’s minimum wage rate?
  • Do I need to provide Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)?
  • For how long do I need to keep records of employment taxes?
  • How do I hire an out-of-state employee?

We put together this handy reference guide for payroll and HR professionals to help you keep track of the legislation and easily find all the information you need in one place. This guide outlines payroll and tax legislation, wage rates, deductions, contribution limits, tax forms, and more. It will also help you navigate Federal and state requirements, plus:

  • Create a payroll schedule
  • Learn about different minimum wage and overtime requirements
  • Make payroll deductions quickly and accurately
  • Manage leave requirements
  • Complete tax forms
  • Fix payroll errors
  • And more

Whether you just need to check a rate or want to learn about a law in more depth, our eBook will help you stay compliant and manage payroll with ease.

If you want to make payroll even easier, consider leveraging a full-service payroll and tax provider like Sentric. Our experts will calculate and deposit your taxes, file your forms, print and distribute your employees’ paychecks, and more. To learn more, speak with one of our product experts today!

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