HR Career Path
HR Career Path: How to Develop and Plan for It

An HR career path can be extremely rewarding, challenging, and will keep you engaged and learning at every step. …
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Consider Hiring a Job Hopper and How to Avoid Hiring Unreliable Employees

A job hopper is someone who stays with an employer for 1-2 years before moving to another employer for other opportunities….
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2022 Thanksgiving
2022 Sentric Thanksgiving Cookbook

Happy Holidays! We are excited to share our annual Thanksgiving cookbook, filled with recipes both old and new from the members of our team. With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re excited to share our annual Thanksgiving cookbook with you! This cookbook is full of delicious recipes and messages of gratitude  from our team. We…
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How to Choose the Best Employee Benefits Software for Your Business

An HRIS will manage all your HR and employee benefits software needs by combining benefits, payroll and more into an all-in-one solution….
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14 Common Tax Forms: A Guide for Payroll Professionals

There’s no getting around it: when it’s time to file common tax forms, it can be a busy and anxious time. …
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unique employee benefits
Unique Employee Benefits: 4 to Offer to Attract Top Talent

Hiring and maintaining top talent can be difficult, and HR professionals are pulling out all the stops by offering unique employee benefits….
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