office space with non-binary
How to Support Non-Binary Employees in the Workplace

As gender non-conformity gains visibility, it’s more important than ever to create a welcoming space for all employees….
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Employee working remote
9 Ways You Can Support Remote Workers

Key Points on How to Support Remote Workers: Remote work is here to stay, but employees who work out of the office often struggle with issues like miscommunication, loneliness, and work-life balance. You can help your remote employees overcome these challenges by creating a responsive culture, including them in organizational events, and encouraging personal growth…
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image the city of Pittsburgh
What You Need to Know About Pittsburgh’s Paid Sick Days Act

A sick employee can be a hazard to everyone in the workplace. They can accidentally infect their coworkers and they usually aren’t as productive. However, sick employees often come in to work anyway because they feel they can’t afford to take an unpaid day, work remotely, or fall behind on their tasks. To give employees time to rest and recover without stress, many cities are requiring paid sick leave. …
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Workplace wellness programs
Workplace Wellness Programs: Are They Really Worth It?

If you want to implement an effective wellness program, you need to set clear goals, budget accordingly, and encourage employees to participate. …
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Six ways technology can revolutionize your employee retention
6 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Employee Retention Strategy

Key Points on Supporting Your Employee Retention Strategy with Technology: Employees continue to look for flexibility and work-life balance.   Remote work and the right software can help you make – and keep – your employees happy. More than 47 million employees quit their job voluntarily in 2021. You can prevent most voluntary turnover by uncovering…
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image of a Calendar, clock, and stapler
Leap Years: What An Extra Pay Period Means for Your Payroll (and How Our Checklist Can Help)

An extra pay period can occur any year depending on your pay date and frequency. Our checklist can help you manage payroll with an extra pay period….
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